Sunday, June 3, 2012

Of Heaven and Rainbows

In January of 2010, after my brother died, I was blessed by the promise of the rainbow; I blogged about it here: After the Rain

Four weeks ago, after a month of ups and downs regarding our oldest daughter’s health, we were told she had, maybe, two days to live.

Once again, it was raining in Oregon; big blustery sheets of rain.
I prayed for sunshine. I wanted to send Sarah home to her Father in Heaven on a sunny spring day; I wanted to remember her in the sunshine.

Yet the rain continued.

As we sat with her, listening to her labored breathing, bathing her face with a warm cloth, I kept silently praying for sunshine.
It was not to be.

As Sarah slipped from her earthly tabernacle, the damp and bluster continued.
At one point, I was being hugged by another daughter, when I looked up and, ever so faintly, spied a rainbow. It wasn’t as grand and bright as the rainbow two years ago; just a faint, quiet reminder of the Lord’s promise.

The Lord knew I didn’t need sunshine and blue skies to make me stronger; He knew I needed to be reminded that the rain would end; that strength comes, not from what we want, but from what we gain from what we get.

The Lord’s promises are sure; He will not leave us in the rain. He gives us miracles, I believe, on a daily basis; we just have to be watching for them.


  1. Ah sweet friend. Your prayers and thoughts helped me in my darkest day. I am so sorry for your pain. My love is with you.

  2. Jeannetta, I have kept the texts you sent to me when Sarah made her journey home. I re-read them last week and thought of you and your family once again. Today I was reminded of your blog so I took a peek and read your entry here. How powerful it is. I love you .. always will.