Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Year of Miracles

It’s Been A Long Year

As you know, tragedy struck like lightning in our family; swift and fatal. Adversity has a way of either making or breaking you, and I had to make a choice. I chose Joy. I say I chose it, because I've had enough spiritual experiences in the last few months, that if I had given in to despair and despondency, I would not only have been a fool, I would have been going against the very fabric of my soul.

There are times in your life when eternity shines with such vibrancy that it lights the corners of your heart and mind; when you know with perfect clarity that your Heavenly Father is real, that his Plan is perfect, and that he loves you and knows you with such love and intimacy that doubts flee and you seem to stand on a precipice; either you let go and trust perfectly, or you fall into the waiting abyss.

Choosing trust isn't as simple as it sounds, yet it is the simplest thing in the world. The saying “Let go, and let God” describes it almost perfectly.

If we let go, and trust completely, miracles happen. Not necessarily big “parting the waters” kinds of miracles, but quiet, largely unnoticed miracles; private, intimate, personal miracles; miracles that chase away the shadows and leave you exultant and spent at the same time.

These kinds of miracles aren't for general consumption; they are for personal growth and continued reflection. Written on your soul, they become the map and the Polestar at the same time; guide posts to help you navigate treacherous times.

Be faithful; be prayerful; be watchful. You will see miracles.